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Finestrat is located on the Costa Blanca, between sea and mountains. La Cala, is just on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, a privileged place with a special microclimate, having mild winters and warm summers tempered by sea breezes.

One of the most charming villages of the Costa Blanca, with original constructions of quaint terraced houses literally perched on the village hillside. This is the first image that the visitor has upon arrival; the church of San Bartolomé and the square of La Torreta are other traces of history that attract visitors to Finestrat.

The mountain, El Puig Campana, of 1,410 meters and its beach, La Cala de Finestrat make the area a special place to practice outdoor sports.

La Cala de Finestrat is located 49 kilometers from Alicante and 140 km from Valencia.


Valencian Community has concentrated interesting leisure and culture: in the city of Alicante with the Archaeological Museum (MARC), Museum of Contemporary Art (MACA) and Valencia’s impressive City of Arts and Sciences.

Near to La Cala you may also discover other interesting towns such as:

  • Benidorm, is a major urban center, just 5 minutes away you will find one of the largest entertainment offerings of the Mediterranean, golf courses, a variety of theme parks and nightlife.

  • Altea, with its unique old town and the church square. It is a village where clean white houses and quiet streets meet with the blue sea.

  • Calpe, a town rich in history, calling attention to its Salinas, used since Roman times, and a natural park of 332 meters high, the rock of Ifach, is a symbol of our community.

  • Villajoyosa, where every year, for more than 250 years , this is a recreation of the landing of the Moors and Christians (July 24 to 31). The Valor Chocolate Factory and Museum is also located here.

  • Guadalest is a town nestled in a valley with a picturesque castle. Small streets and eight different museums will make a very special day for the visitor.

Hotel La Cala

Theme parks and excursions

Book your tickets from the Hotel La Cala for different theme parks, tours and activities on land, sea and air that are offered in the area. These are some of the most attractive nearby sights:

Surrounding beaches

For those seeking a quiet corner to enjoy the Mediterranean waters, we have chosen some of the coves that are close to us:

Hotel La Cala

Cala del Racó del Conill

  • Located in: Villajoyosa, north. (1.5 km from the hotel)

  • Length: 100 meters long by 4 meters wide.

  • Type: virgin rock / gravel.

  • Description: Isolated and surrounded by high cliffs, two small size beaches each of a great beauty. Ideal for fishing, diving and suitable for the practice of nudism.

Hotel La Cala

Cala del Tio Ximo

  • Located in: Benidorm, north coast. (5.1 km from the hotel)

  • Length: 60 meters long and 7 meters wide.

  • Type: sand and rocks.

  • Description: At Sierra Helada, between cliffs, is a good place to practice snorkeling in crystal clear waters you can see some beautiful rocky bottom sea floors. Features and life-guard positions.

Hotel La Cala

Cala La Almadraba

  • Located in: Benidorm, north coast. (5.4 km from the hotel)

  • Length: 100 meters long and 7 meters wide.

  • Type: sand and rocks.

  • Description: At Sierra Helada. Its calm, clear waters, and abundant sub aquatic life make it suitable for diving and swimming.

Hotel La Cala

Cala Esparrelló

  • Located in: Villajoyosa, south coast. (9.2 km from the hotel)

  • Length: 160 meters long and 30 meters wide.

  • Type: gravel, rocks and boulders.

  • Description: Calm waters, very clean and deep. Family atmosphere on the weekends and have very pleasant views of the surrounding cliffs. Naturist.

Hotel La Cala

La Caleta

  • Located in: Villajoyosa, south coast. (9.7 km from the hotel)

  • Length: 139 meters long and 50 meters wide.

  • Type: cobble stones.

  • Description: Isolated beach and quiet with handicap access and also has the Blue Flag.

Hotel La Cala

Cala del Charco/ del Xarco

  • Located in: Villajoyosa, south. (10 km from the hotel)

  • Length: 580 meters long and 6 meters wide.

  • Type: beach pebble / gravel.

  • Description: Usually the occupancy level of the beach is low. It is an isolated place with an ancient watchtower.

Hotel La Cala

Cala de la Barra Grande

  • Located in: Altea, north coast. (18.9 km from hotel)4

  • Length: 50 meters long and 7 meters wide.

  • Type: rock.

  • Description: The occupancy is low. Altea ends at Mascarat and Sierra de Bernia, where it shows the beach of La Solsida, suitable for nudism and Mascarat beaches.

Hotel La Cala

Cala del Racó del Corb

  • Located in: Calpe, north of Morro de Toix. (19.4 km from hotel)

  • Length: 100 meters long and 10 meters wide.

  • Type: sand, gravel and boulders.

  • Description: A nice little beach to spend a pleasant day where no one will bother you, because this beautiful place is accessible only by sea. Ideal for diving and fishing and it has a very interesting background and a lively marine life.